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Audition information 

Thanks for your interest we're always interested in hearing from potential Youngn's. If you haven't done an audition like this before please do not worry, we're here to help, get in touch with us if you have any questions. 


Send tapes via we-transfer to -


All tapes must include a clip of parent or legal guardian giving their permission for us to view. Please put this first otherwise your tape will not be viewed.


Round 1


Round 2

Self Tape Challenge

Final stage 


Send us a video of yourself - Tell us who you are and what makes you YOU. Please include any sports, skills or additional accents or languages.   


Age 7+ 

Please send a short 1/2 minute monologue or scene of your choice. 

This round is to test how you would respond to a real casting opportunity. You will be sent an audition to record at home and send back to us within a three day window. This is an important step as many castings are now via self tape. We will send LOTS of advice, helpful tips and instructions. 

An informal chat with us to meet you so you can ask us questions about the Agency and so we can get to know you and your support team. You will have an answer as soon as possible after this round, we do not like to keep children waiting. 

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